GNU Compilers for Win32


This page is currently under construction. It hopes to provide a resource in the form of useful links and information in respect of the Win32 ports of the GNU compilers. My principal emphasis is on the GNU Pascal compiler (GPC) and the GNU C compiler (GCC).

Cygwin and Mingw32

There are two main versions of the GNU Win32 compilers. The first is based on the Cygwin environment. The second is the Mingw32 ("minimalist" Win32) based compilers. Mingw32 was the brain child of Colin Peters.

The Cygwin versions of GPC and GCC by default produce Cygwin binaries. These are binaries which make use of and require the Cygwin DLL ("Cygwin1.dll") - the library that implements a POSIX emulation for Windows 9x and NT. However, the Cygwin-based compilers can also produce Mingw32 binaries - i.e., those which dispense with the unix emulation of the Cygwin DLL, and only use DLLs which are supplied as standard with Windows (meaning that these binaries do not need the Cygwin DLL to run). Mingw32 programs tend to be smaller, and faster than Cygwin programs as a result of not having the overheads of the unix emulation layer. Also, they have less restrictive licensing conditions than Cygwin programs. Please see the Cygwin web site for licensing details on Cygwin programs.

The Mingw versions of GPC and GCC produce native Win32 binaries (i.e., standard Windows binaries that do not require any 3rd party DLLs to run).

Some Mingw32 GNU Pascal Resources

GPC for Win32;